This past weekend we went to Nijmegen in the Netherlands to visit WNGN vs. DMPD. A collaboration event held by the Wangan Warriors and the DMPD crew. Both are rather well known names in the car scene by now, so expectations were rather high. With the WNGN part hosting only japanese cars, the DMPD part was open to all makes. But did the show meet the expectations?


Well, let’s start at the beginning. We – Georg and I, that is – travelled together with a few friends to the show. I was riding shotgun in my friend Andreas’ Mercedes 190E 2.5 16v while Georg…


… would be travelling in his recently ‘completed’ Mazda MX5, the newest car in the Tief & Breit fleet.


So we set out to the show and things were going pretty good. But of course, no car event is complete without trouble of some kind.


We had to stop along the way because Andreas’ new wheels were rubbing too bad. He just got done fitting his suspension and new wheels the evening before, so he didn’t have the time to properly make room for them yet.


Which resulted in a emergency fender pulling session on the dutch highway. That is Georg up there pulling the fender, by the way.


After that was sorted, we were able to continue on our way.


And luckily, we didn’t encounter any other major problems along the way.

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