IMG_5612At the Elia booth there was another cool looking Twizy… I think I’m spotting a trend here.

IMG_5666There was quite a huge booth by RC Drift Games with two RC drift circuits – one for the pros to demonstrate and one for the public to try their hands at RC drifting. I had a go and let me tell you, this is fun!

IMG_5733The work these guys put into these little machines is impressive. They want to get them looking just like the real drift cars, scuff marks included!

IMG_5751AC Schnitzer ACS4 2.8i for the police… where do I sign up? I want to be a police man now!

IMG_5775I have a theory about Benzes. The theory goes, Benz + MAE = eternal happines. Do you agree?

IMG_5807While the current 1’s looks are debatable in stock form, this Rieger modified one looked quite good!

IMG_5843The basement of the building was occupied by a host of private owned cars, showcasing some of the best the German modding scene has to offer. Some others from neighboring countries were there as well.

IMG_5849Skylines are rare anyways in Germany, so to find one done like this is pretty much unheard of. I’m pretty sure that this is the most extreme Skyline in Germany in terms of wheel fitment.

IMG_5877This pickup showed that even work horses can look pretty!

IMG_5878I don’t think this car needs introduction. I can tell you one thing – the wheels are even more wild in person than they are on pictures.

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