IMG_4990The EMS is one of the most important car shows in Germany. It presents a showcase for the newest trends in the sectors of car modding, motorsports and old- and youngtimers. Sadly, the EMS suffered from a rather negative image these past few years, as a few years ago it was regarded as just a collection of questionable modifications. I can gladly say that’s changed. The current EMS is an amazing experience for any car guy.IMG_4550My last visit to the EMS was almost a decade ago. I was still a teen back then and I could only dream of driving as I didn’t have my licence yet. However, in my memories the show was rather tacky, with lots of over the top bodykits, neon lights and cheap aftermarket vendors. Imagine my surprise when I was told that apparently it had changed a lot… I had to investigate for myself.

IMG_5954And indeed it has changed a lot. For years the EMS has been held in the same venue – the Messe Essen (the Essen trade fair) – and it proves to be a suitable choice to this day. This year the EMS opens it’s gates from the 30. November to the 8. December for the general public, with the 29. November being the press and preview day.

IMG_4484As I entered the Essen exhibition center the first thing that greeted me was a huge collection of classic sports cars like this Porsche 356.

IMG_4489Walking onwards your eyes were immediately drawn to these vintage race cars. It is kind of embarrasing, but I can’t even begin to properly name them! They are quite out of my usual comfort zone but I was quite impressed. The people who pushed these cars to their limits back then had to be true madmen.

IMG_4498It was rather impressive to see this car in real life – the Brutus. Powered by a 47 liter BMW V12 from a WW2 aircraft, this is a creation of pure madness. Yes, you read that right, forty seven liters. Or 46.930 cm³ to be exact. This monster pushes about 550kw / 750 hp at only 1650 rpm and a mind-blowing 10.000 Nm of torque.

IMG_4492The chassis is actually from a 1907 American LaFrance fire engine. The rear axle is actually driven by a chain mated to a 3 speed transmission. You will only find brakes at the rear wheels. To stand before this car means to gaze upon insanity.

IMG_4544In complete contrast to the madness that is the Brutus, here comes another kind of strange. This here is a so called ‘Amphicar’. A car that can swim.

IMG_4482Obviously not a classic car yet, this supercar Maserati MC12 was for sale if you had the right amount of cash handy. A lot of the cars in the classic area were for sale, actually.

IMG_4564A rather interesting product was displayed by a company called EZ Electric Power Steering. They offer retro fit power steering kits for lots of classic cars… this Lamborghini Countach included. A rather nice modification to make your classic car more drive-able on a daily basis.

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