IMG_5443The next hall was more centered on motorsports and I was quite happy to see a few 86s in the mix!

IMG_5471Group C. Need I say anything else? This has to be one of the most amazing racing divisions ever created. I would’ve loved to be able to see these cars ripping up the track.

IMG_5486It was pleasing to see the EMS being so big on motorsports. It didn’t use to be that way and this is a welcome change. What car guy doesn’t appreciate motorsports after all?

IMG_5503This will be a welcome sight to all the people out there screaming for force induction on the Toyota 86s.

IMG_5511What do you get when you cross a Renault Twizy and a F1 car? This. I wouldn’t have ever thought a Twizy could look aggressive!

IMG_5558The next hall offered a look at some more high end tuning companies like Manhart for example. Manhart presented quite a few cars, amongst these were this X5 and…

IMG_5562… this M6 – sorry, Manhart MH6 700. Especially the MH6 looked menacing in it’s flat vinyl wrap.

IMG_5585From the halls of DP Motorsport came this Porsche 911… These guys sure know their craft when it comes to Porsches!

IMG_5591A subtle kind of madness could be observed at the Brabus booth.

IMG_5608Or not so subtle after all. This six wheeled G class is completely insane. I love it.

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