IMG_1536-2-Bearbeitet-2Ever since the first DMPD event last year, the DMPD crew have been hosting a few other events apart from the main event. Among these are track days, drift days, smaller meets and recently even a BBQ meet was held in an old warehouse in Cuijk, NL. IMG_1568-Bearbeitet-2Due to unexpected heavy rain, they had to improvise a bit and it wasn’t certain if the expected number of people would attend… but attend they did. People refused to have their day ruined by the weather and so the warehouse filled rather quickly with nice cars!

IMG_8138-BearbeitetAs expected for a DMPD event, it was an international show with cars from the Netherlands, Belgium and a very strong German presence.


Another expected, yet great, aspect of a DMPD event is the variety of the cars.

IMG_1565-BearbeitetFor example, while you had a classy euro wagon like this Passat in one corner…


… you could stumble over a Turbo’ed Lexus in the next corner. This car actually won the ‘Nordic Appreciation’ award this year at the DMPD main event, which was given out by the Club JDM of Sweden at the event.


Or how about a race prepped E36? Certainly approved.

IMG_1577-BearbeitetThis 240Z was a familiar face from the DMPD main event also – this car always brings a smile to my face. Just look at those gorgeous lines!


The event was split up into two big rooms of the warehouse. One room was only half full and the empty part proved to be a popular spot for photoshootings. In fact…


…I shot Nico Teschner’s super clean Audi A6 there and you will see more of this car soon.

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