While the outdoors area of DMPD was already really cool… the inside of the old ENKA factory is even more exciting. It makes for a stunning backdrop with really cool lighting for the cars. Additionally, the indoors area was pre-selection only… which pretty much guaranteed an even higher overall quality of the cars than the outdoors area (although the outdoor parked cars were great as well!). Let’s dive right in to the action…IMG_0896-BearbeitetThe lighting inside the factory, mostly provided by overhead windows, made the paintjobs of the cars really pop, as evidenced by this bright yellow Seat Ibiza and the BMW 3-series above.

IMG_0858-BearbeitetThis sleek E30 convertive didn’t just look fantastic – with it’s S38 straight six from a E34 M5 under the hood, I’m sure it goes like stink as well!


A great example of the OEM+ way of styling was this beautiful BMW E28 5-series, sitting slammed on a set of Chevrolet Corvette wheels.


This beautiful VW Karmann Ghia was a prime example of the aircooled scene in attendance. I love these cars!


Providing  a stark contrast, there were also several VIP-style cars in attendance, like this slammed Lexus. Breathtaking in real life!


Staying with japanese metal for a bit, one of the things that stood out was this pair of a Nissan Silvia and a Toyota Chaser. Both done up in a similar style…


… with bolt on fender flares, a flat finish and some colorful accents.

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