The TÜV – the biggest enemy of all car modifiers in Germany, because pretty much all modifications have to be approved by them, wether it be new wheels, suspension, engine swaps and so on. And yet, the TÜV in Cologne holds an annual event to celebrate modified rides.

This event pulls cars from all genres, but as usual, I will pretty much concentrate on any that fit our Tief & Breit theme.

These two classy E36s were some of the cleanest at the show.

A unique looking 1-series Coupe… not often that you see one of these done up like this.

This thing has to be my favorite of the show. A Ford Escort Mk3 built up like a period correct hillclimb or slalom racer.

This car just looks awe inspiring with those wide arches.

While this Opel is not that low, I loved how it looked so mean with it’s motorsporty stance and wheels.

Audi, bags, big wheels and a matte wrap and you’ve instantly got a crowd favorite.

This cool vintage Bus was carrying something interesting…

Can you say ‘mini-me’ ? How cool is this?

This Mk1 ‘vert had one of the nicest wheel fitments at the show, in my opinion.

You can never go wrong with a slammed bug!


Be sure to check out the whole gallery on Flickr!

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