15th Midwintermeeting by VW-Speed.NL

IMG_4781Once again, the guys from Team VW-Speed put on a great show to kick off the year and whet people’s appetites for the coming season. The reasonably good weather for this early in the year resulted in a great turnout and it wasn’t even all VWs and Audis – the visitor’s parking held quite a few spectacular cars as well. I went together with Andreas Schumacher from FVCKD and Julian Risse, whose Coupe we featured in our last post. All three of us are currently building a VW Golf Mk2 in our Garages, so we were anxious to hit up the first meeting of the season to get some fresh ideas.

IMG_4717That explains why my coverage might be a bit Mk2 centric… there were quite a few fine examples at the show.

IMG_5094It wasn’t all Mk2s, though. There was a lot of other stuff to see, like this VW Phaeton on massive Bentley wheels.

IMG_5141I already said that the visitor’s parking held quite a few interesting cars as well – one of them being this old school Mercedes.

IMG_5177This Passat B2 absolutely tickled my retro fetish – dropped on Steffan BCWs in what looks like 9×14 and 10×14, this thing looked like it came straight from the late 80ies or early 90ies.

IMG_4898Romar Hiensch from Breakfvst laid down his BMW E3 in the visitor’s parking as well.

IMG_4820It was hard to get a shot of this Mk1! It was constantly surrounded by people checking out the immaculate work.



This Scirocco was one of my favourites at the show – it’s rare to see one of these with fitment this good!

And now, for the rest of the coverage… enjoy the gallery!


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