If you’re not living under a rock, then I’m sure you’ve heard of VW Days before. If not, well, you missed out. VW Days is the biggest VW meeting happening in France. Let’s put that in numbers – this year alone there were over 4000 cars attending the event. Massive!

And it’s not only VWs you’ll spot there either. They are quite friendly to other makes and so usually you’ll spot the occassional BMW or something else thrown into the mix. The show is split up into two parts – one being the general meet & camping area and the other being the Show & Shine area, which only the nicest cars could enter.  DSC_0032 Kopie-2

You could spot cars from all over europe… and some from even further away, as was the case with the Rotiform Porsche 964 from the US of A.DSC_0056 Kopie-2

The show has been a long time favourite amongst the european scene for a few years now, renown for it’s laid back atmosphere and great location and great selection of cars.

DSC_0104 Kopie-2Having attended for the first time, I am forced to agree. While the mass of cars is certainly enough to overwhelm you, there are quite a few gems spotted through out the show, which really stand out. Like this Mk1 on center lock BBS wheels for example.

You could also spot some very unique wheel choices, as evidenced here by a set of BMW 6-series wheels and Brabus 3-spoke wheels.

Or how about a Polo on Breyton wheels? These Breytons are apparently getting popular in the VW scene, as they could be seen on a few other cars…

…like this rather nice Mk3 convertible.

Rather unique was DSP’s gullwinged Mk3 Golf which has been kitted out with a Mk4 convertible front end and matching Mk4 R32 bumpers.

While I am usually not a big fan of Audi TT’s, this example is simply stunning!

That was it for part 1… stay tuned for more!

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