I <3 Eurosunday! It’s true Ever since I went for the first time in 2011, I’ve been hooked. I was deeply disappointed to find out the show wouldn’t happen in 2012 due to the city revoking the rights to hold the show there… but when news hit that it would be back in 2013 I was so excited! I looked forward to this event for almost a whole year… and it didn’t disappoint!

As you probably guessed, the one thing that keeps me going back to events in the BeNeLux countires is the diversity and quality of the cars. The shows are laid back as well and a far cry from anything you will experience when attending a typical German show.

Having been to Eurosunday before I knew roughly what to expect. And that is lots of absolutely slammed euro rides. The new showgrounds were well suited to this, offering completely a completely level surface that even the lowest of cars could enter.

Having made a name for itself in the last few years, this year’s show pulled visitors from all over the surrounding countries. Sadly, this year’s weather didn’t quite agree and the day started out with some rain but it cleared up around 10 and would stay that way until well into the afternoon.

Sadly this meant that the attendance wasn’t as high as expected. But the cars at the show certainly made up for the lacking numbers in quality! That’s not to say that the meet was small, there were a few hundred cars at the meet, but it wasn’t as big as 2011.

There were some amazingly unique cars at the event – who ever thought a Ford Mondeo could look as killer as this one does?

Or how about this bagged 1-series Coupe kissing the ground?

I was happy to see another 3-series Touring, albeit a younger one!

This was rather memorable as well – Mk1 Cabby rocking a roll bar and Lancia Delta Integrale wheels.

Lada Wagon on Schmidts doing some advertising for DUMPD 2013. Remember last years event and how it was supposedly a one time only event? Well, there’s been so much demand for a repeat that there will be one!

This black Peugeot looked amazing on those Tramont wheels.

There was also some older metal as shown by this Ford Taunus.

Eurosunday 2013 was an amazing event. I can only hope that there will be a repeat for next year!

Be sure to catch the whole gallery on Flickr!




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