318s can be sexy too

IMG_0620Many people are guilty of dismissing BMWs lowly 318i models as boring and uninteresting. It’s always 325 this, 328 that – and anything not an M is for kids anyways. I’m guilty of that too, as I’m not particularly impressed with BMWs 4-cylinder range. Exactly this mindset was what convinced Tobi to put some effort into this car – his daily driver 318i.

IMG_0565Tobi bought the car in decent condition – it’s not a perfect showcar by any means, but it’s perfect driver. With just some effort and some parts it was quickly turned into a rather cool looking ride. He refreshed the overall condition of the car and slapped on some 8.5 x 17 inch Lenso wheels – now, you may think of replica wheels what you may (I’m not too fond of them either), but they look pretty good on here.

IMG_0575The car ducks low to the ground but is perfectly useable in all daily situations thanks to a G.A.S. V2 airride system that Tobi sourced lightly used.

IMG_0611A few cheeky accessoires and our Goldkette Status sticker complete the look. Want to rock one too? -> Visit our sticker shop!


So with just a few tasteful modifications Tobi managed to prove that 318s can have lots of style too. The coolness factor certainly isn’t reserved for six-pots only!