I’ve said it once and again, if you want to visit a GREAT car show, pick one in Belgium or the Netherlands. Those guys have got the car quality locked down firmly. Lay Low No. 2 in Kortrjik, Belgium didn’t disappoint in this and delivered an amazing show as expected.

Not only the cars were on a very high level, the location was also very pleasant. The show was held on the campus of Katho Kortrijk, the local university which made for a welcome change from the usual mall parking lots and industrial areas and such.

The diversity of cars was incredible – from ground scraping Euros…

… over clean JDM / VIP rides …

… to thoroughbred sports cars there was something for everyone to be found.

Even some american iron made it into the show! Let me say that this Camaro was one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen on european soil.

You could spot some very unique rides as well, as demonstrated by this nicely fitted Renault 19 convertible.

This mean looking E46 on colour coded OZ Futuras was one of my favourites.

Mercedes Benz was also well represented at the event, with my two favourites being this W124 from France and…

… this insanely clean W123 on wide BBS RS from Belgium.

Having grown in popularity lately, a car limbo contest was a must have for the show – as you can see it was well received by the masses!

In the end, the car limbo battle was decided between a few VW 181s.

Lay Low No. 2 left a lasting impression. It was a great way to open this year’s car season and I for one wish all the best to the show’s organisers and that the following shows will be a success like this one!

Be sure to catch the whole gallery on Flickr!

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