You may remember that the Youngtimer Vestival 2011 marked one of our earliest event reports. Well, the same event held in 2012 did not disappoint with a very widely varied selection of cars and the location filled to the brim.

There’s just someting magically attracting about older cars. I guess it must be because each of them has a story to tell – just imagine what all these cars saw in their lifetimes.

Not to mention that these cars come from an era when the design language of cars was completely different to what we are used to seeing today. Just look at this Citroen BX for example.

Or this race ready Ford Capri… Imagine how a european sportscoupe done by Ford would look today… it would certainly be very different.

You were sure to catch a cult classic everywhere you looked at this event, some of them quite rare sights nowadays like this Renault 5.

One of the most interesting things about the event was that there were quite a few cars sporting 80ies to 90ies widebody conversions like this Mattig Opel Kadett. Can you say wide?

Or how about this Mk2 Scirocco with what I think is a Wochner body kit.

Or maybe this Rieger Ford Escort Mk3, which looked like it came straight from the pages of a early 90ies issue of the longest running German modding magazine, ‘Tuning’.

The only thing missing here was a long haired blonde body builder with a gold chain and this would make the perfect picture for a German pimp from the 90ies and his car.

I’ll close this report with a quick look at this E30… don’t be fooled by the 318is badge, this car was packing a M52B28 at the time these photos were taken…

It’s also got a very unique interior with nearly everything wrapped in custom leather. Baller status right there.

Be sure to catch the rest of the pics of the show on the Flickr album!






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