Continuing on the coverage of the UK roadtrip, here’s my coverage of the Stanceworks | UK meet at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon. The Stanceworks | UK family was out in force for this meet!

The Heritage Motor Centre offers up a collection showcasing quite a lot of british motoring history, which made quite a fine backdrop for a meet like this.

The cars in attendance varied as much as the people driving them. All kinds of cars driven by all kinds of people, from all walks of life. You had your tiny econoboxes like this nice Peugeot 206…

…as well as family haulers like this bagged E46 Touring on Borbet B mesh wheels or even…

… full blown sportscars like this Hayabusa powered Super 7.

There was quite a number of these little MX5s rolling along, seeing as these are not very common in Germany, it was very intriguing to see!

The infamous Mexican rolling in in his super slammed E36 Coupe. Looked absolutely mental in real life!

Here’s another shot of it, sitting next to Project Touring!

These are sadly a very rare sight as well here in Germany, so I was very pleased to see quite a few of them over in the UK – especially this nice example at the meet!

Easily my favourite car of the show, this bagged 6 series just looked stunning in the flesh!

We actually caught up with each other by chance on the motorway on the way to the meet and I simply can’t find the words to tell you how brutal this thing looks while rolling!

The meet left a lasting impression, especially with the people being so warm and welcoming. I can’t wait for a chance to attend another one!

See the full gallery on Flickr here!






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