Dumpd 2012. This name will be remembered for a long time by all the people who attended. With a absolutely perfect organisation, unbelieveable location and such a high level of cars that is very rarely seen, this show will be remembered as one of, if not the best in mainland europe for years to come!The show was held in the old and abandoned Enka factory in Ede, NL which made for a stunning backdrop – especially with the light shining through the numerous skylights onto the cars! I’d wager a more perfect setting would not have been possible.

To ensure a very high level of cars in the show, people had to apply for a pre-selection months before the show. It wasn’t long until all the available spaces in the indoor area were reserved, so they set up a further pre-selection area in the outdoors. Of course you could also simply come to the show without registering beforehand, but there still was an entrance selection to keep the quality high.

All the people who had registered, had to pick up their entrance passes directly before the show at the nearby Hotel Reehorst in Ede. Every registered car received a small present in the form of a nicely done little box filled with various Dumpd-stickers, a Dumpd air-freshener and a small gift voucher you could use at one of the show’s booths for a small item (stickers, sunglasses etc.). Certainly a nice and welcoming touch, when you consider that most other european shows simply present you with a bag full of advertisement flyers when entering the show grounds…

But let’s move on to what is the most important part of a car show – the cars! Dumpd offered something for absolutely every taste. Be it a immaculate JDM Nissan Skyline from the 70s as seen above or slammed and stanced Euros, VIP’d out japanese land yachts, race prepped track and drift monsters and even american muscles, there were no boundaries to the kinds of cars at the show.

It’s not often you see a VIP style Lexus such as this in Europe, so this was a very welcome sight!

This golden VW Jetta Mk3 looked very Euro-VIP like, sitting next to the above Lexus.

fifteen52 sponsored Skoda looked amazing on it’s Tarmac wheels!

A Nissan Silvia S13 sporting Kosei K1 wheels – both something that you usually never see in europe and a quite fitting combination!

This BMW M3 E30 looked stunning on its concave mesh wheels – and it had the power to back up it’s looks as well, seeing as it is powered by S50 6-cyl from a BMW E36 M3!

This Miata certainly has to be one of the most unique examples in europe – Filthy Penny, indeed!

A visitor from Great Britain was the RWB-inspired Vogue Auto Revenger. Let me tell you, this has to be one of the most menacing Porsches I’ve seen.

Another very unique creation was this – a Mercedes CLC sporting bags and some huge wheels tucked up into it’s fenders!

Some people would call it blasphemy, but this Mercedes was sitting really nice on the BMW BBS Style 5 wheels!

At the end of the show, one lucky winner took this Jetta home – as it could be won in a raffle!

The cars on the outside of the factory were no less impressive, as evidenced by this oldschool Audi.

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of this ride before, but let me tell you – seeing it in person is a whole different story. It looked absolutely mental, sitting flush on the pavement!

Like a boss. This Benz looked like there would be a group of gun-toting gangsters getting out anytime.

This little Peugeot caught my attention as soon as I saw it – these cars are so rare nowadays and to see one fitted like this was quite a treat!

I’ll close this article with a link to the Flickr gallery for the remaining pictures (click here!) and a few words…

There are rumours saying that Dumpd would be a one time event. We at Tief & Breit certainly hope this is false – if there will be a follow up event next year, count us in for sure!

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