For the second time now the small belgian town Sankt Vith has been host to a small but growing car meet organized by the ‘Low Rulers’. With a unique venue and great cars the meet was a success – even though the weather tried it’s hardest to disrupt the show!

Arriving in the town of St. Vith, people were already greeted with a dumped Audi sitting smack in the middle of a roundabout for promotional purposes. Quite unique, I’d say! The show itself was held around the ‘TRIANGEL’ conference center, which proved quite a nice location.

The show itself was open to all makes and kinds of cars. Although the majority of attending cars proved to be VWs and Audis, that didn’t mean other makes didn’t have a strong showing too. See this modified Ford Escort delivery van for example – how’s that for unique?

Another unique and very classy car was this Alfa Romeo wagon sitting on Mercedes wheels. I can’t say I’ve ever seen an Alfa done like this and I don’t understand why – these cars look amazing when done up right!

Although in terms of uniqueness this vehicle’s got them all beat.I never would’ve expected to see a modified Piaggio Ape sporting a Jägermeister livery and polished wheels.

This slammed Mercedes looked amazing. Want to arrive in style? A frame scraping Benz should be your preferred choice.

It’s refreshing to see a MkV without the typical heavily tucked look for once… there should be more like this with actual wheel fitment!

The show boasted an indoor area too. Sitting in here was a Chrysler Sebring convertible on bags… apart from being a rare care in general over here in Europe, you don’t see usually see them modified, so this was a pleasant surprise because it looked pretty cool!

The Chrysler’s interior was especially impressive. But even though it had to be the most unique car in the indoors area, it was not the true show stopper. A VW Derby took that place because of it’s unique placement. The Derby hovered above all the other cars – yes, you read that right. They hung the car from the ceiling.

Amazing, isn’t it? The Derby itself was a full blown show car with a completely painted and chromed undercarriage and engine bay and lots of other stuff like that. Safe to say, I don’t think it gets driven much anymore – if at all.

Stepping back outside you were greeted with this pair of Porsches – a 996 GT2 sitting next to a 997 GT3 RS. Amazing cars…

This clean looking Mk2 definitely caught my eye with it’s mean looking Rallye front end and the amazing OZ Turbos sitting nicely under the arches!

You may remember Stefan Spies’ Mk3 GTI from our feature last year. Today, the car is sporting 9×16 Azev As wrapped in 215/35 Dunlops just barely cleaing the arches. And he still drives it like that at the Nürburgring!

I noticed quite a trend at the show – there was quite a number of cars rocking the classic Schmidt TH Line’s. Looks like this wheel might be making a comeback to the scene… I’d certainly welcome it!

Another Mk1 on Schmidt’s… these wheels just suit these older cars perfectly!

As was once again proven by this stunning Scirocco Mk1 16v!

Let’s come to a close with a peek at the one car of the show I will be spotlighting tomorrow…

As usual, check out the remaining pictures on Flickr!

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