If you were to host a car show in Germany, could you imagine a better location than the famous Nürburgring? I think you’ll have to agree that there are not many locations as well suited for a car show as the Nürburgring. The creators of ‘The Meeting’ thought so, too, and set out to create a one of a kind show in this famed venue.

Pre-selection of the cars and a very unique location made for a great show – even though the turnout was not as expected, due to the weather. As usual for the region around the Nürburgring the weather was very unsteady and quite rainy. In a last minute effort, ‘The Meeting’ was moved from where it should have taken place, the historical paddock area, to the modern ‘Ring°Boulevard’.

The Boulard makes for an impressive location, being that it’s a huge building, built mostly out of glass – which made for really impressive lighting upon the cars. Though, only about fifty cars (instead of 100 registered ones) made the trip to the ‘ring, but it was still a worthwhile experience. The pre-selection of the cars made for an impressive line-up with a constant level of quality troughout the cars.

The attending cars spanned all possible styles – from a stock and well cared for old VW Käfer (Beetle), over cleaned and stanced out Euros and drift-ready JDM cars to full on show-cars and even a rally racing VW Golf Mk5.

Not only did the cars look amazing, but some of them made amazing power figures too – like the yellow Opel Kadett C, which sported beefy slicks on the rear wheels and a 3.0 inline-six from an Opel Monza – with a turbo strapped on!

One of the most unique cars had to be this oldschool Fiat transporter, sporting a set of BBS E30 replicas and a RS-style bumper.

But there were not only full-size cars on display, but smaller ones too! The guys from RC Kyuashajin brought a whole fleet of 1/10 scale radio control drift cars and put on quite a show next to the real cars!

In my opinion, ‘The Meeting’ was a success and I hope there will be other meets like this – and that other car shows in Germany take this as an example. No trophies, no show & shine contest, just a gathering of quality cars, enjoying quality time in a great venue.

As usual, check out the whole gallery over on Flickr!

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