Ladies and gentleman, I’d like to introduce you to one of the finest Mk4 Golfs on the streets of Germany. So, have a seat and listen – because this one stands out amongst the German Mk4 scene because of it’s refinement.

Michael originally got the car back in 2007 as a bone stock example. The car didn’t offer much but at least it drove – enough for your first car in most cases. But Michael soon outgrew the Golf’s stock appearance and started modding it.

His first mods included a set of TA Technix coilovers and a set of 17″ VW Santa Monica wheels, but he soon stepped his game up to the white 18″ RH Porsche Twists you see here, measuring 8.5×18 wrapped in 215/35s.

Next he swapped out the coilovers for something better and went with a Lowtec suspension, which offered better ride and lower stance.

Going international, the passenger mirror comes from a right hand drive Golf, so it’s the same size as the driver’s side. The euro-spec bumpers were swapped out for a set of US spec bumpers, alongside US spec taillights, all of which are quite sought after here in Germany. Completing the looks department, Michael customized his Xenon headlights to match his white wheels.

Once the car looked good, Michael was no longer content with the, well, pretty much non-existant performance of the stock 1.4 engine and so out it went. A 1.8t making over double the horsepower of the original 1.4 makes for a sufficient step upwards! Continuing with the US theme, the engine stems from a US spec car, actually. The exhaust is from Germany, though – being made by Friedrich Motorsport.

It’s safe to say that we can expect to hear more about this Mk4 in the future. Be sure to keep an eye out for Michael and his Mk4 on this year’s W√∂rthersee event coming up soon!

Check out the remaining pictures in the Flickr gallery!

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