From the stable: Audi A8 quattro

IMG_9912I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to introduce you to the newest addition to the Tief & Breit stable. As some of our readers will know, I was building a BMW E39 Touring which was supposed to be ready for this year’s season. However, when I discovered some heavy rust on the undercarriage while working on the suspension (I could stick my screwdriver into the trunk from under the car), I made the decision to abandon the project and start anew with a fresh, different canvas.

IMG_9407My choice fell upon this Audi A8. I’ve never been a big Audi fan, but the A8 has always been one of the few that I felt attracted to. I was originally looking for a Mercedes S-Class W140, but when all the ones in my price range turned out to be complete wrecks, I started looking around for other big, comfy sedans. I test drove an A8 and liked it. So I set out and searched for a A8 4.2 quattro, preferably in black. I ended up with a ’99 model in the color Mingblau – which is a really, really dark blue that almost looks black and only looks blue in direct sunlight. It is really hard to photograph, hence the car looks mostly black in the photos.

IMG_7498When I bought the car, it came on 17″ wheels which are obviously way too small for such a big body car.  I quickly ended up sourcing a set of 9×19 ET33 Audi Speedline wheels. Luckily, the car was already lowered on some Lowtec springs, so it even looks somewhat decent.

IMG_9919Although, it is by no means low enough for me. However due to the challenges that such a big car brings with it in terms of driving low, I have made the decision to eventually go the airride route – that will probably happen after the winter.

IMG_8740As it is, the car makes for an incredible daily driver – especially after I’ve had it converted to run on LPG fuel which really cuts down on costs. I even managed to sneak it into a few shows already, heh. Here it is sitting at Eurosunday in Belgium.

IMG_9519I even managed to sneak it onto Players Classic at the Goodwood Circuit in the UK! That was an incredible trip and you can expect coverage soon.



I have quite some plans for this car, but all in due time. As soon as things happen, I will keep you readers updated!







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