… pictures alongside a E36 compact. They seem to get along well with the Touring! This time a very classy looking 323ti – meaning it’s got the same heart as the Touring underneath the bonnet. Running nearly the same wheel specs as our project Touring, this Compact certainly fits the bill for what we’re all about! More after the break!

Tim, the owner of this 323ti, opted for the tried and true route in terms of suspension and is running a set of AP coilovers, the same ones that plant out Touring to the ground.

As far as the wheels, Tim opted for the classic approach and  fitted a set of Alpina wheels – always a good choice on BMWs. The fronts measure 8.5×17 ET12 and the rears 9.5×17 ET24 with a 5mm spacer, making a final ET of 19. The wheels are wrapped in 205/40/17 and 225/35/17 Falken FK452s which stretch nicely over the wheels.

To make the front end fit with stock fenders, excentric strut bearings from the 3.2l M3 were utilised to get more negative camber. The rear fenders were rolled and pulled a bit.

Enjoy the remaining pictures!

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