A thing of beauty – Tobi’s E9

IMG_8649I know, I know. A pretty much stock car is not our usual fare. I just couldn’t help but share these pictures. The BMW E9 is a thing of pure beauty.

IMG_8645This example is owned by our friend Tobias Gonsior. I had badgered him about showing up with the E9 for our BBQ and I was absolutely thrilled when he rolled in with it.

IMG_8637It’s not every day that you see such an iconic car in this condition. This example is a 3.0 CS with a pair of Solex carbs.

IMG_8648Tobi spent quite a bit of time and effort to freshen the car up. All the suspension bits have been overhauled and the engine runs like a charm. The body luckily was still in very good shape and didn’t need that much work.

IMG_8634The car sits on a immaculate set of BBS RS split wheels, which complement the timeless classic look of the car rather well.

IMG_8636Tobi actually offers to rent the car out for weddings and other events. I can guarantee that anyone who takes him up on the offer is in for a treat as this thing is a pure joy to drive.








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