Aggressive Seven – Stefan’s E38

IMG_0201_1It seems slammed big body sedans are all the rage nowadays. This example, a BMW 735i hails all the way from Austria and is owned by Stefan Hech.

IMG_0217_1As you can no doubt see, the car is heavily lowered. The aggressive fit was achieved with a adjustable airride suspension, which was custom made for this car.

IMG_0184_1The wheels are XXR 527s in 9.5×18 ET-10 up front and 10.5×18 ET-22 in the rear. They are all around wrapped in some low 225/35/18s rubber bands.

IMG_0157_1Stefan says, the car is no show car – it does get driven often and so it has it’s flaws. But the overall look is amazingly mean. Stefan shared some of his plans for after Wörthersee – he plans to converted the V8 to run on 8 single bike carbs! I for one am quite excited for this… Be sure to keep an eye out for this car!






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Christopher Waddell

Magnificent car – the best, most beautiful car I’ve ever seen!

Pure class – nothing compares with it. A work of art.

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