IMG_4588I might have said it before, but the German automotive scene can be terribly bland at times. At many shows, you’ll find that every second car looks pretty much the same as the one next to it. Fed up with seeing the same cars over and over, the guys behind Überfest tried to change things up and aimed to set up a quality meet open to all branches of the German scene.

IMG_4823The chosen venue was the Sachsenring, a racetrack in the deepest pits of eastern Germany. It made for a pretty cool backdrop, but due to some regulations set by the track’s managers, the Überfest crew were sadly not able to utilize the location to it’s fullest.

IMG_4888But that did not make the show any less cool… or should I say hot? The weather was incredibly hot, as it ended up being one of Germany’s hottest days in 2014. It made it a bit tedious to walk around at times and you would find most people just chilling in the shade somewhere.

IMG_4898They definitely succeeded in setting up a unique event with a diverse range of cars from all branches of the car scene. Due to careful selection, each of the cars was very unique and interesting to look at as well.

IMG_4905No matter what kind of cars you liked, you could find it at Überfest, wether it be asian econo-boxes or german sports coupes or anything in between really.

IMG_4719There were quite a few big sedans there as well. If you know me, you’ll know I tend to have a weak spot for cars of the ‘Oberklasse’ – the German designations for big landyachts like Audi’s A8, BMW’s 7 series and Mercedes’ S-Class.

IMG_4725Luckily the Japanese also know their big body sedans and there was a few nice Lexuses to look at. The one that stood out the most would be this VIP-Style example.

IMG_4676Another thing that made the show stand out was that it also called out cars that you would be hard pressed to find on any other shows, like this Ford Sierra XR4i.

IMG_4822I was also happy to see a few well done Opels in the mix. Opels tend to be regarded with a bit of mixed feelings in the German scene and many people dislike them, but this Kadett E GSi certainly proves they are very cool as well!

IMG_4590The Tief & Breit crew was represented by Georg’s Miata and of course Alex’ R32 Skyline, both proudly sporting their Tief & Breit Hurt Feelings banners.

IMG_4670Alex actually won the award for best import with his GT-R. Well deserved, I’d say!

IMG_4855It was cool to see the reactions of people to cars that they were not used to. This bagged BMW for example certainly puzzled many of the more performance oriented drivers of some of the japanese cars.

IMG_4874Überfest had some international guests as well – some of the Raceism clique made the trek over from Poland.

IMG_4625All the way from Sweden came this car from Violent Clique, a static Jetta Mk6 owned by Jens Tommila. You might recall seeing this car at the coverage of the Tief & Breit BBQ which I posted a few months ago. Jens and his friends came over for a bit of a car-related holiday in Germany, hit up Überfest, visited our BBQ and visited the Nürburgring amongst other things.

IMG_4666All in all, Überfest definitely succeeded in gathering a interesting selection of cars. I don’t recall ever seeing such a mix of euro and japanese cars at a show in Germany before.

IMG_4638From what I’ve heard, the guys are already hard at work planning their 2015 show. I’m interested to see what they end up changing and where it will be held this time. But for now, enjoy the rest of the pics!













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