Film Shots: DMPD Finest 2014

026_24Up until now, content on Tief & Breit consisted only of digital pictures. Well, I went oldschool and started shooting film a few months ago. I think my film shots have progressed to an acceptable level than I can bombard you with them. From now on, I will occasionally show you film coverage of shows I attend. Here’s a first batch from the DMPD Finest show in Belgium in late September.

034_32The DMPD guys decided to hold their Finest show in the small town of Doel, a nearly abandoned small town next to a atomic power plant. The town was set to be destroyed a few years ago to make way for the construction of a bigger harbor, but a handful of residents has managed to hold out and still live there to this day. The Town itself has grown to attract lots of street artists who really brought the town back to live with their art.

009_7The abandoned town makes for a beautiful background for film photography especially. Digital pictures are nice and certainly have their place, but film shots just carry their own flair and I think it is perfectly fitting to this backdrop.

005_2AThe DMPD guys are known for putting on some great shows and DMPD Finest has to be one of the best so far. The town of Doel made for a unforgettable experience and the selection of cars was top notch as well.

036_34Especially as all kinds of cars were present. New school euros, vintage rides and even cool imports like a pair of Mazda RX7s and a whole bunch of amazing Hondas.

035_33The whole town was taken over by modified cars. No street was left empty and you could see people setting up photoshootings left and right.

018_16I absolutely loved the experience of the show and I hope you get just a hint of an idea what it was like! I hope you enjoy my film shots as well. Taking film shots is certainly different from shooting digital. You have to think about what you are doing way more than with digital, once a photo is taken there is no going back after all. With digital you can just delete and re-take.

024_22My film equipment is old. My camera is a Porst uniflex 1000s (essentially a rebranded Yashica TL-Super) which was manaufactured from 1968 to 1977. The lens I use on it is a east german made Pentacon 50mm f1.8 which was made in various variants from 1960 to 1990. I suspect mine is rom around the late 70ies to early 80ies. As you can see, it still produces decent results. Now, I’ll let you enjoy the rest of the pictures without further babbling!



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