So, it seems I completely forgot to post my pictures from this year’s MIVW event. Better late than never, I figure, so here’s my coverage of this amazing event…

For those who don’t know, MIVW – short for Men in Volkswagen – is a group of Volkswagen enthusiasts from the Netherlands, founded back in 2011. In 2004 they organised their first meet. Back then it was all a very small affair.

Today, the MIVW Event has become one of the biggest and well-known shows in Europe, with each year having a bigger turnout. But one thing that remained constant over the years has been the quality of the cars – the crème de la crème of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and even France attends this event… I’ve even seen a few Italians and last year the guys from Wolfsgruppe over in Poland attended, too!

The event has been held on a big airbase for the last few years, which continues to prove itself as the perfect place for a gathering like this and could easily hold even more cars.

Obviously, I wasn’t the only one to be amazed by the fitment on this Scirocco II.

Car presentation on stage… pretty cool.

Lots of dish on this Mk1’s BBS RS… amazing. That’s how you fill out wheel arches.

This car from the UK struck a chord with me… I’ve owned a set of Azev As myself and I’m still loving these. Sometimes, simple is best. Also, amazing fitment on this example!

This murdered out Golf was looking pretty mean!

I’m still amazed by the work put into this car. I don’t think I’ve ever seen wheel arches modified so heavily, yet looking so subtle on a Mk5 before.

Lancia Delta Integrale wheels? Yes, please.

Cutting through the crowds in this Scirocco…

Bodydropped and bagged Mk1. Talk about a neck breaker.

It’s actually lying on the ground… insane. I love it.

There’s not much out there that looks better than a Mk1 dropped on some wide TH-Lines.

Corrado on rare Compomotives – a match made in heaven!

I can’t imagine the work that must have went into this… a genuine Gullwing Golf.

Who said MAEs only look good on Benzes?

Looks like custom 3pc Porsche phone dials… Sign me up for a set. I want!

E30s get you everywhere… even VW shows, apparently. Clean M3!

Speaking of BMWs… this Passat wagon was sitting a set of 18″ BMW BBS Style 5s.

See the rest of the pics on Flickr!

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