IMG_5892The VW Fox was never available in Europe, as it was a model for the American market. So this was quite a surprise to see.

IMG_5930Speaking of VWs we never got in Germany, this VW Saveiro was another one as it is a model for the Brazilian market.

IMG_5897The wheels on this A8 from Belgium are really wild!

IMG_5911Continuing with Audis, I have to admit that I never liked the Audi A5… that is until I saw this one for the first time at a show earlier this year. Amazing car.

IMG_5948Some really beauitufl american iron in the form of this Chevy Camaro.

That concludes the coverage for the Essen Motor Show. I can certainly say that this was a huge surprise, a pleasant one at that. I will certainly be a regular from now on. Keep your eyes peeled for more pics over the next few days on Flickr and Facebook!

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December 2, 2013

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