Both of these certainly had enough go and enough show to satisfy just about anyone!


Tucked away in a quiet corner I found a pair of Mazda MX5, with this track ready example being one of them. This thing looks like heaps of fun!


Another cool part of the show was the JOY OF MACHINE photo exhibition by the Speedhunters crew. They brought these collapsible walls with them and stuck all these photos on there. There were even a few sections where you should take a picture with you and in return write a comment onto the wall… I just had to place a sticker there.


Coming from a Mk3 background myself, I just loved this Harlequin Mk3. These things are just a party on wheels, how can you not like them??


I’ve first seen this bagged 1-series Coupe at Eurosunday a few months back – seeing it at DMPD was every bit as stunning as seeing it back then. Such a beautiful car, everything fits on this one!


I instantly fell in love with this Honda Civic Shuttle, or Wagovan as it is known in the US. There really aren’t many of these left in Europe, so to see this one on BBS splits at DMPD was a real treat! Would make such a cool little daily!


Staying with Hondas for a moment, this widebody S2000 has to be one of the craziest I’ve seen. So many wings and flaps and other assorted aero on this car, it must be able to fly!


You may remember this Boxter from our coverage of the VW Days France a while ago. This car is definitely a crowd stopper and it just flows oh so well!

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