DMPD. Four letters that, in just one short year, have become synonymous with one of the greatest car shows on european soil. While last year’s DMPD show was supposed to be a one time only event, resonance was so great that the organizers felt they had to expand on it. And I can’t agree more – with DMPD they have created something great for the european car community!


This years DMPD was held at the same venue as last year, the abandoned Enka factory in Ede, NL. Last year already proved the old factory made for a stunning backdrop to the show and this year further confirmed that. For this first part of the coverage, I’ll be concentrating on the outdoor area.


What I love most about DMPD, apart from the usual high quality of the cars, is the diversity. I have never seen another show with such a diverse collection of cars, spread widely from track/drift oriented or VIPed japanese motors over ground scraping euros to even the ocassional gas guzzling american V8.


And you know what? They all get along and respect each other. In today’s times it can sometimes feel as if the car culture has grown separated and individual crowds don’t respect each other at all – but come to an event like DMPD and you will see that there are still those guys out there that don’t care if you’re driving a BMW, a Ford, or a Nissan. Nor will they care if your car scrapes the ground constantly or you’re running super meaty tires to better attack corners with.


DMPD brings together all kinds of car guys. And that’s what makes it so successful in my eyes. What better way to get new inspiration for your own car than to look out of your scene into a different one?


It is also heartening to see how clean and well done most cars at DMPD are – this E34 being no exception. It’s great to see that there are still people out there who take pride in their work and don’t just build their cars for scene points.


Fiat Abarth wheels on a VW Mk3? Why not?


There was also quite a bit of Honda presence this year, which was really cool to see as these cars aren’t all that common in Europe.


How about this fitted Ford Fiesta? This would make for one cool city driver!


You could find some real obscure oldschool cars there as well, like this 3rd gen Honda Accord Aerodeck.


With how many 3-spoke wheels I’ve seen this year, I can’t help but think this style is making a comeback. What do you think about this?


This was it for the outdoors coverage… stay tuned for the next part which will concentrate on the Indoor area, which held some real special cars!

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