The Legend Boucles de Spa in February is one of the earliest historical rally events every year, so you could probably say it kicks off the historical rally season. And what a kick off it is!

Held near Spa Francorchamps in Belgium, the surrounding landscape makes for a great set of roads – or lack thereof – for a rally setting.

It was my first time visiting a rally like this and it was an eye opening experience.

Seeing all these old legendary cars attacking the corners like there’s no tomorrow is something else for sure!

There even was a Ferrari rally car… talk about unique.

Also, this old Alpina really knew how to put on a show.

There was a whole army of old 911s attending the event – I had no idea these were so popular for historical rallying.

With how close you could be standing to track with these old machines blasting by made me think of how awesome and yet how insane the days of the old Group B must have been.

This little Mini sure played well with the big boys!

But the field wasn’t just made up of 911s, BMWs and other run-of-the-mill-classics – you found some real exoctics like Nissan 240Zs in there as well.

I had never before seen one of these in the flesh and to see a few of them blasting up the dirt roads in Belgium was a treat!

The night stages were amazing as well – maybe even more so than the daylight stages. Standing there in the dim moonlight, hearing the roar of the cars echoing of the rocks and trees and then being blinded for a short moment while they came heading straight for you is a thrilling experience.

This event has really peaked my interest for rally events like this, so you can expect more coverage of events like this in the future!

Be sure to catch the whole gallery on Flickr!

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