21. 10. 2018

Bimmerfest Europe 2018

The last time I was at Bimmerfest was four years ago. Back then it was already a pretty big show, but I was not prepared for the huge event that awaited me this...

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04. 07. 2018

Embrace the Non-M – Max’s E36 Coupe

It’s quite easy to build a good looking E36, right? First things first, you need to buy a E36 Coupe. Obviously, you need M-bumpers to replace those boring old non-M bumpers. Next up,...

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02. 06. 2018

One from the heart – Scott’s E36 Touring

I think it was around six or maybe seven years ago when I first met Scott online through the Stanceworks message board. Back then, he was tinkering on some old Minis together with...

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22. 09. 2015

The Tief & Breit Touring back once again

You might remember reading about how I had some trouble with the car last summer and then stuffed it away in the garage. Well, it’s finally back on the road – in fact,...

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06. 11. 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Andreas’ E36 Touring

I just wanted to post these pictures up I snapped of Andreas’ E36 Touring at Gatebil. It was great meeting a fellow Touring owner – in fact, Andreas told me that he has...

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27. 05. 2014

Project Touring: Back on the Road for 2014

It’s been quite some time since I last posted something about the Touring. I still have it, of course. I put it away for storage when winter came around – I now have...

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24. 05. 2014


By now you may have heard of the Camber. crew – if not, Camber. is a loose group of car enthusiasts from Germany who are dedicated to fine wheel fitment. The group is...

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31. 03. 2014


Hey everyone, as I’ll be joining the Tief & Breit team from now on (bringing you some content from the UK), I figure I should tell you a bit about myself beforehand. My...

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22. 04. 2012


After the Show in Peine, a few of us headed out for some more fun and photos! A bit tricky to get 22 cars in one shoot, but we managed. Find more pictures...

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