Imagine you’re driving through the Belgian countryside, going from one rally stage to another, when you spot what appears to be an old abandoned car from the 60ies sitting by the road. What do you do? You stop and take a closer look of course… but I bet none of you would expect what we found here, smack in the middle of nowhere in Belgium.


The car by the road turned out to be a vintage Simca 1300. A rare sight – I for one had never seen one in the flesh before.


The car had obviously seen better days decades ago. But it was still a cool find.


A bit further off the road we noticed two other abandoned cars. One being this vintage Renault 12…


… and the other was this boxy Renault 25.


As we walked back to the Simca suddenly the property’s gate opened and we were faced with the owner.

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March 26, 2014

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