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The Nürburgring is known the world over for hosting many interesting car related events – the 24H race, the VLN endurance series, the F1 on the GP track just to name a few of the more well known. However, the ‘ring also often hosts events related to classic cars. Just like now, with this weekends Event being the ADAC Eifelrennen.

The Eifelrennen is an annual event bringing historical race cars and motorcycles back to life for a race around the ring. Divided into a few classes, you can see a wide selection of legendary race cars ripping up the track. For example, the Tourenwagen Revival – a chance to see the good old DTM cars back in action with BMW E30s and 190Es duking it out on the track – although this class is not held as a real race but as a demo race, with no rankings.

Real races are held in the classes of the ’60s GTs and touring cars, the historical race cars up to 1300ccms (seeing Fiat Abarths battling with NSU TTs is quite entertaining!) and historical Formula 1, amongst others.

The ’60s GTs and touring cars were the first group of cars to run the track. This red DKW F12 – a small german two stroke engined coupe – amongst them with a very unique sound!

One of the more ‘upper class’ entrys in the ’60s GT & touring cars class was a pair of Ford GT40s. Incredible sound, let me tell you!

Next came the cars with up to 1300ccm engine size. Very entertaining! These guys certainly knew how to push these little cars and there was some interesting action going on.

The cars ranged from a few tiny Fiat 500s…

… and Fiat Abarths …

… and Autobianchi A112s …

… to Mini Coopers …

… and NSU TTs …

… with this oddball thrown into the mix, a Clan Crusader.

More will follow in the next part, in which I will cover the Tourenwagen Revival and Historical Formula 1!

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