TIEF & BREIT – two simple German words meaning ‘low’ and ‘wide’.

Germany has had a long standing tradition of low cars with amazing wheel fitment – cars, which have always been referred to simply as “tief & breit”. Some even say, the stretched tire-thing originated back here in Germany, due to TÜV regulations that said that only the tire thread had to be covered by the fender.

Today, the tief & breit movement still runs strong, although it’s not the same as it has been a few years ago. Nowadays, skinny wheels and tires dominate the scene, most people shy away from major fender modifications to fit impressive wheel/tire combinations. But occasionally, you still find real gems built after the original school of tought behind the tief & breit movement. Clean and simple exterior, very low ride heights, wide wheels and low offsets fitted flush to the fender, while still being driveable with no rubbing. The Tief & Breit label doesn’t mean that a car has to be the lowest there is, or the widest there is – even not so low cars can be considered Tief & Breit if they are done right.

This is what this blog is all about. Exclusive content from Germany and the rest of Europe, aimed at the Tief & Breit enthusiasts all over the world!



Editor in Chief: Bastien Bochmann – IG: @tiefundbreit

Contributor: Matze Rauber – IG: @matze_rbr

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