19. 04. 2019

Let’s start 2019 – Nürburgring Driftcup Round 1

Hello and welcome to a new year of automotive impressions and reports from Motorsport, Driftevents and Carshows! It’s been a while since you heard from us, but we’re not dead yet. This year...

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21. 10. 2018

Bimmerfest Europe 2018

The last time I was at Bimmerfest was four years ago. Back then it was already a pretty big show, but I was not prepared for the huge event that awaited me this...

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04. 09. 2018

It’s yellow. It’s small. It’s a Polski Fiat!

One of our favourite cars at the recent RollHard show in Belgium was this tiny little Polski Fiat 126p! Polski Fiat built cars under license by Fiat and the 126p was built from 1973...

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03. 09. 2018

Curtains up: RollHard – The Belgian Chapter 6.0 movie

This one’s a premiere – we’re dabbling with filming now! And it’s been so much fun, that we’ll defnitely be providing you with more of this kind of coverage. Our friends from RollHard...

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20. 08. 2018

Refined Violence – Alex Douglas’ Toyota Chaser

Alex had always been mostly interested in German cars – stanced Volkswagens to be specific. He previously owned a VW Scirocco and was planning out a big build for it. However, as I’m...

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08. 07. 2018

Spotlight: Toyota Celica at Retro Rides Weekender

When was the last time you saw a Toyota Celica of this vintage on the road? I bet it was a long time ago, if ever. They have largely died out, at least...

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04. 07. 2018

Embrace the Non-M – Max’s E36 Coupe

It’s quite easy to build a good looking E36, right? First things first, you need to buy a E36 Coupe. Obviously, you need M-bumpers to replace those boring old non-M bumpers. Next up,...

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30. 06. 2018

Players Classic 2018 – A Weekend at Goodwood

It’s been about five weeks since we went to Goodwood in the UK for Retro Rides. I enjoyed the trip so much that I immediately wanted to go back again. A quick check...

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27. 06. 2018

Spotlight: MX-5 at Players Classic

I just came back from yet another weekend in the UK where I attended Players Classic. I’ll be bringing you some more coverage of the show and some more car spotlights in our...

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